Instrument Flight Training in All-Glass Cessna Corvalis TTx Aircraft

Morey’s West Coast Adventures offers great IFR flight training adventures to Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, California, and the Southwest in a Cessna Corvalis TTx equipped with Garmin G2000 and the Cessna Touch Pad Flight Deck. On these scenic training flights, instrument flight students will learn vital instrument flight techniques in “real world” IMC weather conditions as they work towards their instrument rating. These adventure flights can also be “refresher” courses for currently rated instrument pilots.

Morey’s West Coast Adventures Founder, Field Morey, realized long ago that traditional IFR flight training is slow, frustrating, costly and unnecessarily redundant. For more than 40 years the process of learning, away from the distractions of day-to-day life has been Field’s concept for focused training. Pilots can dedicate themselves to one goal: IFR mastery while having a whale of a time seeing the Western United States – a true aviation adventure to remember for a lifetime!

Join over 800 pilots who have flown with instructor Field Morey throughout the Great American West as we combine glass cockpit training with beautiful scenery and pilot fellowship for a trip that will be as beneficial as it is enjoyable!

Send Us a Story of Your Flight With Field

Thanks for the adventure, Field, it was a real pleasure and bucket list trip for me. It was such a good learning experience and excellent way to work towards an instrument rating. I’d love to fly with you again some time – whether to finish up if I face training delays or perhaps just another adventure post-rating. Either way, I’ll be singing your praises to anyone who will listen.”


“Field’s TTx Discovery Flight provided an incredible experience! He had me landing at the ‘airport in the sky’ on Catalina Island after landing in the snow-capped mountains of Big Bear, all while learning an unbelievable amount about flying. Field is an institution unto himself and the knowledge he shared was absolutely invaluable. I’d highly recommend this trip to anyone who enjoys general aviation, and particularly new pilots who want to experience what general aviation is meant to be.”

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