Two Pilots Train For Just 10% Over Cost Of One Pilot!

The prices listed on our Pricing page are based on the cost of the trip. They can be paid for by one pilot, or with a 10% surcharge, the cost can be shared between two pilots or a pilot and a non-flying passenger.

What this means is that you and a friend who is a pilot – or one training pilot and a non-flying passenger – can enjoy one of our Adventure flights at a deep discount over just one pilot training at a time. This is a great way to make this kind of personalized IFR training much more affordable.

For instance, the cost for one pilot to take our very popular Cessna Corvalis TTx Alaska Adventure is $11,800. But if that pilot brings along a second pilot or passenger, the cost of the trip increases by just 10% to $12,980…or $6,490 per pilot or passenger. On our Adventure Flights in the Cessna Corvalis TTx, some limitations regarding weight and balance must be considered. For more information, visit our contact page to ask about sharing an Adventure!”

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