About Field


About Field Morey and Morey’s West Coast Adventures

In 1966, two Wisconsin flight students anxious to complete their IFR training in the most expeditious manner came to Field Morey and asked if they could train together. Field, a CFII, put a program together and the three of them were off to see the USA in a Cessna 172. Ten days later, the flying adventure and two instrument ratings were completed. Morey’s West Coast Adventures was born.
Since that first trip, over 400 Adventures have been successfully completed. A few years ago, Field’s love of mountain flying was a factor in a move from Wisconsin to the West Coast where he bases his Adventure flights out of Medford, Oregon. He still uses the same concept of flight time in weather whenever possible, and the location has proven to be a natural home base for his West Coast Instrument Adventure flights.
The addition of Garmin G1000 and G2000 instrumentation brings a new element of sophistication to the trip. This dynamic equipment allows flight students to fly using the latest in general aviation avionics technology while simplifying departure, approach and enroute procedures. The use of “all-glass” Cessna Corvalis TTx aircraft is yet another reason to join over 800 pilots who exclaim that being on a West Coast Adventure is the flying experience of a lifetime!
Field, a coach, a guide, and instructor operated his own airport and flight school in the Midwest for many years before relocating to the West Coast. Just search for Morey Field (C29) in Middleton, Wisconsin to read about his legacy.