Cessna Corvalis TTx Discovery



“There is simply no better IFR training available than flying with Field and IFR West. You will experience real weather, challenging approaches, and the inevitable unexpected complications from ATC.”

– Andy L, TBM 700 pilot

A Three-Day/15 hour Adventure in our Cessna Corvalis TTx

When you are ready to take the controls of a new Cessna Corvalis TTx, in just a long weekend you can add a true High Performance endorsement in your log!
The minute you climb into the pilot’s seat and strap in, you will capture the feeling of a “high powered sports plane” at your command. The side stick control becomes second nature as you rocket up to the flight levels. You will be amazed at how smoothly the controls respond and will quickly learn that this aircraft deserves the speed brakes that Cessna engineers have provided as you begin your descent from high levels. Whether you are considering the purchase of a truly High Performance single or just want to enjoy the feeling of being at the controls of this speedster for a few days, this Adventure is made for you!

Day One: Following a cockpit orientation and pre-flight briefing, you will take the controls of the fastest single-engine piston plane on the market and minutes after takeoff, you will be setting your altimeter to 29.92 for a quick run in the flight levels to Lake Tahoe. After a short stop at South Lake Tahoe, we depart and test the performance at the max operating altitude of FL250 enroute to North Las Vegas. Then it’s over the Grand Canyon for a relaxing overnight in picturesque Sedona, Arizona.

Day Two: The next morning we head west with stops at Big Bear in the San Bernardino Mountains and then on to Camarillo to grab a bite at the celebrated Waypoint Café. Following lunch, we will shoot approaches working our way to Monterey for the night.

Day Three: This day we will work our way up the California coastline shooting approaches, ending back in Medford in time for your return flight home. You will qualify for a BFR, IPC and High-performance endorsement in addition the immense experience you had. This adventure is your opportunity!

Available year-round.

The Corvalis TTx Discovery Flight – 3 Days/15 hours – $8,500