The California Coastal Adventure



The California Coastal Adventure – A Four-Day/18 hour Adventure in a Cessna Corvalis TTx

DAY 1 – Your Adventure begins in Medford, OR with a hop over the Siskiyou Mountains followed by an approach at Crescent City, CA on the Pacific shore. Then it’s a short leg down the coastline into Arcata. For the next leg, we veer slightly inland for refueling and lunch in Santa Rosa. The afternoon agenda calls for a flight through SFO Class B airspace, a low approach to Half Moon Bay and finally to Monterey for our overnight. Dinner will be served at Clint Eastwood’s Mission Bay Ranch in scenic Carmel.

DAY 2 – Following your daily weather and chart review, we set off down the Big Sur coastline for a short stop in Santa Maria. Then it’s on to Santa Barbara for a published missed approach and holding procedure before continuing on to Camarillo where we have lunch at the celebrated Waypoint Cafe. The afternoon begins with a return to Santa Barbara, another missed approach and our final leg to Santa Maria for a back-course approach. We secure the plane not more than twenty paces from our overnight accommodations.

DAY 3 – We start our day with an obstacle departure procedure from SMX and follow the coastline north for a return to Monterey. After a short morning break, we proceed through the San Francisco Class B into Sacramento for a lunch and fuel. The afternoon provides a chance to enter Class A airspace as we climb over the Sierra Mountains for a scenic low approach over Lake Tahoe ending in Reno, Nevada for our overnight.

DAY 4 – Another chance to experience Class A airspace as we head north to Klamath Falls, OR with a low approach at Susanville, CA on the way. Our trip ends back in Medford in the early afternoon.

The California Coastal Adventure – 4 Days/18 hours – $8,800