The Three-Day California Coastal Adventure



The Condensed California Coastal Adventure – A Three-Day/15 hour Adventure in a Cessna Corvalis TTx

DAY 1 – Your Adventure begins in Medford, OR with a hop over the Siskiyou Mountains followed by an approach at Crescent City, CA on the Pacific shore. Then it’s a short leg down the coastline into Arcata. For the next leg, we veer slightly inland for refueling and lunch in Santa Rosa. The afternoon agenda calls for a flight through SFO Class B airspace to Monterey for a short stop before continuing on for our overnight at Santa Maria. We secure the plane not more than twenty paces from our stay at the Radisson hotel.

DAY 2 – Today is TEC day. Plan to study up on Tower Enroute Control procedures used in the busy airspace of Southern California. Following your daily weather and chart review, we set off down the Big Sur coastline for a short stop at Van Nuys, one of the busiest GA airports in the US. We will probably be landing on the runway featured in the documentary “16 Right.” Then it’s on to Riverside for a published missed approach and holding procedure before continuing on to Camarillo where we will lunch at the celebrated Waypoint Cafe. The afternoon begins with a return to Santa Barbara, another missed approach and our final leg back to Santa Maria for a back-course approach.

DAY 3 – We start our day with an obstacle departure procedure from Santa Maria and follow the coastline north for a return to Monterey. After a short morning break, we proceed through the San Francisco Class B into Sacramento for a lunch and fuel. The afternoon provides a chance to enter Class A airspace as we climb over the Sierra Mountains for a scenic approach and landing at South Lake Tahoe, elevation 6,268’ MSL before returning home to Medford.

The Three-Day California Coastal Adventure – 3 Days/15 hours – $7,800