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The Southwest Mountain TTx Adventure


The Southwest Mountain TTx AdventureA Four-Day/20 hour Adventure in a Cessna Corvalis TTx


This trip will take you over the Cascade Range into Reno and Salt Lake City then east into the high country of the Rockies before heading westward over the Grand Canyon and through the LA Basin and up the California Coast back to Medford. The highlights include the Lake Tahoe/Reno area, busy Class B airspace, landings at the Colorado Ski Country destinations of Aspen and Telluride, the Grand Canyon and scenic Sedona, AZ, the busy “meat-grinder” airspace of the LA Basin and finally the scenic California, Oregon coastline.

Flight Itinerary

Arrival Orientation – Upon your arrival here in Medford, Oregon you will receive a cockpit orientation and planning session for the first day of your Adventure.  Plan to arrive mid-day before your departure date if possible.

Day one – Your Adventure begins with a high altitude leg over the Cascades experiencing the high-altitude capability of the TTx.  A special Mountain High oxygen system provides comfort up to FL250.  We will shoot approaches at Lake Tahoe and Reno before heading east for our overnight in Salt Lake City.

Day two – We depart the Class B airspace stopping in Grand Junction, Colorado before tackling the challenging approach and landing in Aspen, Colorado.  Following lunch its off to the highest commercial airport in North America, Telluride, Co.  You might want to pick up a T-Shirt to swank your accomplishment.  Your next leg takes you over the grandeur of the America Southwest including the Grand Canyon before ending for an overnight in Sedona, Arizona famous for its splendor not to mention the “carrier landing” you will execute at the table-top airport of SEZ.

Day three – Following breakfast we continue eastward stopping at yet another high altitude airport, Big Bear City, CA.  After refueling we tackle the busy LA airspace stopping in Camarillo, CA for lunch at the celebrated Waypoint Café. The day ends with a low approach at Santa Barbara and a back course approach for our overnight at Santa Maria where we pull up and park the plane a dozen steps to our hotel.

Day four – A scenic bay tour of the San Francisco skyline and the coastal region of Northern California completes your Adventure.  Plan to arrive back in Medford mid-day.

Available year round

The Southwest Mountain TTx Adventure – 4 Days/20 hours – $7,800*
(*Two pilots can save with special rate of $4,290 each)