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New Scheduling Program

The best IFR Adventure flight is one that fits well into your busy work and family schedule. In previous years, Field Morey had pre-set dates for each Adventure, but in 2014, a new FLIGHT SCHEDULE CALENDAR has been launched to further simplify the scheduling process. To schedule an IFR training Adventure Flight with Field Morey, …

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Synthetic Vision + TKS Anti-Icing For A Better Training Environment

Field Morey believes that to learn how to fly as a safe IFR pilot, it is essential to fly in actual IMC weather. Because of this, the Cessna T182T Skylane training airplane used in his Northwest, Southwest and California Coastal Adventure Flights offers Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology. The Cessna Corvalis TTx offers the Garmin SVT …

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Two Pilots Train For Just 10% Over Cost Of One Pilot!

The prices listed on our Pricing page are based on the cost of the trip. They can be paid for by one pilot, or with a 10% surcharge, the cost can be shared between two pilots or a pilot and a non-flying passenger. What this means is that you and a friend who is a …

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